July 2019 Training/Meeting/Orientation Plan
July 3, 2019
শিক্ষালোক বুলেটিন মে-জুন ২০১৯
July 15, 2019

Education & Development Keynotes (1st Issue June 2019)

KEYNOTES is  a  new  step forward in the direction of looking for innovations and translating  these into the development  practices  of the  organisation  and  beyond. The need   for   bringing   out   this arises from our desire to deal with some development issues more deeply in order to connect with 21st century global ideas as well as to reach the civil society members and policymakers.

Let KEYNOTES itself prove the justification of its coming to being through its contents and quality and clarity of its presentation of intellectual matters regarding education and development. The current issue has dealt with education and development issues that CDIP works with and may interest many others besides us working in this field.  To Download PDF  Click Here

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