Governance :

With our mission, vision, objectives and core values as mentioned previously; CDIP gives the highest emphasis on the systems and procedures on good governance as narrated below.

CDIP is primarily governed by two tiers of hierarchies as follows:

  • General Body
  • Governing Body

General Body: The General Body of CDIP, currently comprising of 22 members, is the supreme policy maker of the organization.The General Body meets in the Annual General Meeting (AGM) once a year to conduct businesses like approval of annual work plan, budget & audit report, selection of auditor, election of Governing Body etc. as provided in the Memorandum of Association. Members of the General Body come from different professions and disciplines like business, banking, academics, accounts, law, social development, technology etc.


SL No. Name Occupation Designation
01. Dr. Abbas Bhuiyan Scientist Chairman
02. Mr. G.M. Salahuddin Ahmed Banker Vice Chairman
03. Prof. Ahmed Kamal Teacher Member
04. Prof. Syed Rashidul Hasan Teacher Member
05. Mr. Muhammad Abdullah Business Member
06. Mrs. Masuda Banu Faroq Ratna Development Worker Member
07. Dr. ATM Farid Scientist Member
08. Mr. Sayed Fakhrul Hasan Murad Teacher Member
09. Mr. Mahmudul Kabir Development Worker Member
10. Mr. S. Abdul Ahad Cost & management Accountant Member
11. Mr. Shahjahan Bhuiyan Teacher Member
12. Mr. A. F. M. Shamsuddin Ex- Banker Member
13. Mr. Shafiqul Islam Social Service Member
14. Prof. Abul Kashem Chowdhuri Doctor Member
15. Mrs. Nargis Islam Social service Member
16. Mr. Sayed Sayeduddin Ahmed Business Member
17. Mr. Irfanuddin Ahmed Ex-Banker Member
18. Mrs. Saleha Begam Rural Dev. Specialist Member
19. Mrs. Shama Alam Chartered Accountant Member
20. Mr. Salehuddin Ahamed Social Service Member
21. Mr. M. Khairul Kabir Rural Dev. Specialist Member
22. Prof. Mazeda Shafiullah Teacher Member

Governing Body: The Governing Body comprises of 9 members who approve the policies and plans of the organization. The composition of the Governing Body is: Chairman (01), Vice-Chairman (01), Member Secretary (01), Members (06). The Governing Body employs an Executive Director for overall responsibilities and in order to facilitate activities of the organization. The Executive Director is also the Member Secretary of the organization. The meeting of the Governing Body is called with seven days’ notice and shall be held at least twice in every year.


SL No. Name Occupation Designation
01. Dr. Abbas Bhuiyan Scientist Chairman
02. Mr. G.M. Salahuddin Ahmed Banker Vice Chairman
03. Mr. Erfan Uddin Ahmed Ex-Banker Member
04. Mr. Shafiqul Islam Social Service Member
05. Dr. A T M Farid Scientist Member
06. Mrs. Nargis Islam Social service Member
07. Mrs. Shama Rukh Alam Chartered Accountant Member
08. Mr. S. Abdul Ahad Cost & management Accountant Member
09. Mr. Muhammad Yahiya Social Worker Secretary

Management Team: In order to establish good governance in every sphere of the organization, the management gives significant importance on the strict implementation of various policies, rules and regulations duly approved by the Governing Body. The Management Team, headed by the Executive Director, ensures proper and timely management of all functions of the organization. The current members of the Management Team are described below.

Management Team Of CDIP:

SL No. Name Designation
01. Mr. Muhammad Yahiya Executive Director
02. Mr. Fazlul Hoque Khan Director (Program)
03. Mr. Mifta Naim Huda Director (Strategy & Development)
04. A.K.M. Habibullah Azad Additional Director
05. Md. Abdul Kadir Sarker GM
06. Mr. A.K.M Shamsur Rahman DGM (Finance & Accounts)
07. Dr. A.K.M Abdul Kayum DGM (Health)
08. Md. Abul Hossain AGM
09. Md. Tariqul Islam AGM(Special Program)
10. Mr. Shanto Kumar Das AGM (Credit Program)
11. Mr. Deep Kumar Roy Moulick AGM (IT)
12. Mr. Sachchidananda Das Manager (Finance)
13. Mr. Abu Khaled Manager (Credit Program)
14. Md. Razwanul Karim Manager (MIS)
15. Md. Badrul Alam Manager (Micro Ent Dev)

Key features of CDIP Management :

Innovative policies and strong determination as well as dedication of the staff have made CDIP successful and financially sustainable so far. There are some specific factors behind this success and these are outlined below:

  • Self-explanatory written working manuals
  • Decentralization and delegation of authority to the branch level officials
  • Emphasis on Microenterprise loan to existing enterprises
  • Participatory process in decision making
  • Costless, faster and transparent recruitment process
  • On-the-job training approach
  • Simple and cost-effective branch structure without separate accounts officer in most of the branches
  • Easy and close communication between officials and clients
  • Strong monitoring and supervision at all levels of organization
  • Simple and transparent accounting and record-keeping
  • Effective fund management
  • Simple and shorter loan processing
  • No collateral for providing loans
  • Savings (short and long term based) deposits by clients
  • Opportunity to withdraw savings at any time
  • Focus on providing support for Microenterprise development
  • Friendly and respectful behavior with clients by staff of all levels
  • Strong focus on development of IT friendly environment
  • Attitude and determination towards self reliance and not taking any donor fund from any sources