Member’s Savings Program:

People in general and rural, poor people in particular have a tendency to save money in very small amounts. But, often they do not have facilities or easy access to keep safe custody of their small amount of money; especially in rural areas. Since its beginning in 1995, CDIP has been working to collect the small savings every week from house to house of poor members and literally acting as the “Poor Peoples Bank” in the respective areas of operation.

In consideration of the need and demand of the poor people, CDIP currently running 3 types of savings program.

  1. Member Savings (Compulsory)
  2. Member Savings (Voluntery)
  3. Member Savings (Term)

All members always enjoy the right of withdraw their savings with interest in their crisis hours/difficult situations.

Member Savings (Compulsory)

Members are to save minimum TK.20 each week. However, any member has the right to save more than TK.20 every week. CDIP regularly pays interests on the average monthly savings balance and allow withdrawal of savings at client’s request as per CDIP policy accepted by the client’s.

Member Savings (Voluntery)

Member may save or not save money under this savings product. This is not compulsory. Member can withdrawal their deposit fully or partially any time with interest. CDIP pays higher rate of interest than general savings. Member are to save minimum Tk.20 each week.

Member Savings (Term)

Poor people often value regular, disciplined savings systems as a way of building up useful lump sums that can be invested or used for social obligations such as marriages, funeral or children’s education. These products respond to the Poor’s demand for liquid savings systems that protect their money from frequent spending and allow the slow, but steady accumulation of a lump sum fund. CDIP pays a significantly higher rate of interest on these regular savings than on the general savings account.

Under the monthly savings program, members can save minimum TK.100 or any multiple of it in every month according to their convenience and ability. Members also have the right to close this account any time and withdraw the deposited amount of money along with the interest accrued at higher rate.