Solar Program:

CDIP has been relentlessly working hard for poverty alleviation for the last 21 years, mainly through providing micro-credit to the rural poor families. During these long period of field experience with the rural poor, CDIP realized that any sustainable Poverty Alleviation Program also need to provide education supports, health supports including the availability of cheap and affordable energy supply at the poor people’s door step, thus enabling these poor families to increase their working hours and productivity at night as well as helping their children to study at the evening which, in turn, may help them to reduce their poverty conditions.

With the above objectives in view, CDIP adopted Solar Program and signed an agreement with Infrastructure Development Company (IDCOL) in June 2015. As such, CDIP started the field operations for providing Solar Home Systems (SHS) to the poor members in different rural districts of Bangladesh in July 2015. The Solar Program field activities and areas coverage are gradually expanding which is given below in the following graphs.

1. No. of SHS Sold (Cumulative) :

2. No. of Solar Branches gradually expanding :