Background and Introduction:

Bangladesh is one of the most densely populated countries where a big majority of the people lives in the rural areas. Unfortunately, a significant portion of this rural population live under poverty line and had been suffering from hunger, malnutrition, diseases, illiteracy and other social vices. In view of above socio-economic background of the country, the Centre for Development Innovation and Practices (CDIP) was created in 1995 by few individuals with the prime objective to improve the quality of life for the people specifically, the life of the rural people by offering them financial as well as non-financial services at their door steps. CDIP is registered in July 1995 with the registrar of Joint Stock Companies as a non-profit organization and ever since working relentlessly towards the creation of opportunities for self-employment and wage employment for the rural poor. It also tends to make a dent arrest the dropout of school children of poor and illiterate parents in the rural areas.


Our Vision is to be the Trend-setter of innovation and change for sustainable human development.


Our Mission is to provide environmentally sustainable innovative development services and goods for empowering the excluded and the disadvantaged in order to integrate them in the mainstream of the society in Bangladesh and beyond along with supporting and empowering micro and small entrepreneurs in our overall development endeavors.
Our being is being for others and for ourselves.