The 24th Annual General Meeting of CDIP

The 24th Annual General Meeting of CDIP was held on 14th September .It was held in the conference room of CDIP Bhaban. The meeting was chaired by the Vice President of the Board of Directors Chairman Mr. G. M. Salehuddin Ahmed. Executive Director of the organization Mr. Mohammad Yahya presided over the meeting.

The chairman of the meeting greeted everyone in his welcome speech “We have completed 24 years and entered 25 years. The company started its journey in 1995 with only two benches. Today we have 2.5 lakh members in 5,000 villages. Now we are not limited to microfinance activities only. Education, Health, CDIP's solar power, cultural programs etc. The activities are much wider now. Next year we will be 25 years old. I will celebrate the fulfillment" he said.

Then Director (Strategy & Development) Mr. Miftah Naeem Huda Presented 2018-19 Summary of Fiscal Year Annual Report with the help of PowerPoint. Answered questions from several members of the Board of Directors

Then the revised budget and the audit report is approved. Later in the meeting 2019-20 action plan was Presented and budget for the financial year and At the end of the discussion it was approved. After the discussion, the President concluded the 24th Annual General Meeting. Thanked everyone present for making the General Assembly a success. He announced the end of the meeting. Finally a group of children with disabilities Form Akhaura came and performed a cultural show that impressed everyone present.