CDIP has been operating a Health Support Program (HSP) for its members through static and satellite clinics since 2013 at branch levels. The HSP provides outpatient care, primary healthcare, family planning services and other preventive healthcare services to the members of the society at village level. The objective of the program is to improve maternal, neonatal and child health as well as reduce vulnerability to non-communicable diseases and common ailments. CDIP has extended its HSP towards Primary Eye Care (PEC) through mobile eye camps in different branches. Since July 2019, CDIP has been working with international eye health organization (Orbis International) to integrate primary eye care into the HSP to increase access and ensure universal eye health coverage including vision center operation in Bangladesh by paying special attention to remote communities.

The services we provide through our health program are:

  • Static Clinics

  1. Field Static

  2.  Branch Static

  • Satellite Clinic
  • Mobile Eye Camp
  • Health Screening
  1. Monitoring BMI
  2. Monitoring Blood Pressure
  3. Screening Diabetes
  4. Pregnancy Test
  • Limited Emergency Care
  1. Nebulization
  2. Dressing and Surgical Care
  3.  Ray- therapy
  • CDIP PHC Program Objectives
  1. Early Detection and Prevention of Common Non Communicable Diseases (NCDs) by means of Screening and Behavioral Change Communications (BCC)
  2. Raising awareness to reduce vulnerability to Communicable Diseases (CDs)
Operational Strategy:
  1. Field Officer, Branch Manager, Area Manager and District Manager co-operate SACMOs Health Care Activities in the field, while BM is responsible for overall supervision and monitoring program in the field level as well as reportable to Program Head
  2. CDIP Head Office plays overall Administrative role for implementing strategies and planning the program including Supervision & Monitoring the program at the central level. 
  3. Health software was designed in August 2017 for data collection as well as monthly reporting of the health activities. 
Ongoing Health Support Services by CDIP
  1. Annual Health Card issue: for free Health Checkup for the CDIP Members and their families throughout year
  2. Health Screening:
  • Measuring Body Mass Index (BMI).
  • Blood Pressure.
  • Blood Glucose Monitoring (Diabetes test)
  • Pregnancy Test. 
  • Ray therapy for Low Back Pain (LBP).
  • Mobilization for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Diseases (COPD).
  • Dressing of common surgical wounds.
  • Non Member Consultation.
  • Visual Acuity (VA) by Vision Test.
  • Organizing Field & Branch Static Clinic by SACMOs and Satellite Clinic in collaboration with Doctors of UHC.
Our SACMOs can prescribe depending on situation Prescription of selected 73 drugs (as approved in May 2018 by BMDC), beyond that we have a referral program for patients. Our Trained Health Volunteers help disseminates health awareness message by Home Visits and Uthan Baithak to their local community people and performs some Primary Health Checkup. Such as:
  • Weight Measurement.
  • Recording Blood Pressure. 
  • Diabetes Test.
  • Pregnancy Test etc.
  • Help to support the activities of SACMOs
Future Plans:
  • Vision Center Establishment: MOU is signed with Orbis International for Setting up 2 vision centers (Srikail and Kuti) with priority for the Srikail. 2 Optometrist are conducting Eye camps currently under supervision of Program Head
  • Teledermatology (Telederma) is under supervision of Prof Nargis Akhter in the piloting phase, between Head Office and Sonargaoon Branch of CDIP,
    few more branches are being under consideration for scale up.
  • Establishment Corona Sample Collection in collaboration with Government in the field.