Educational Program:

Education is recognized as the most precedence sector by all the developed and developing nations as well as the government in Bangladesh. From Inception of our educational program CDIP has been working tirelessly to reducing dropout from school and provide tuition services to students to prepare school lessons for the following day. CDIP also include some innovative programs in its education sector, such as nature study for the kids,pay respect to the elderly people of the society, pay respect to the parents etc. In every month teachers of all Learning Centers take their students outdoor for Nature Study and the kids learn from nature with great interest.

Our Objectives for educational Program:

  • Reduce the number of Dropout.
  • Raise awareness on child rights and education.
  • Provide tuition services to students to prepare school lessons for the following day.
  • Implement Innovative practices for the betterment of society.




Status of our educational Program (As of 31st March 2023): 

Working Branches:


Total education center :




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total Students:


SHISHOK (শিক্ষা সহায়তা কর্মসূচী):

SHISHOK started in 2005, at a remote village named Salimgonj in Brahmanbaria district with the objective of providing tuition services to the kids of illiterate and poor parents, so that they may prepare their school lessons for the following day. Since then we are operating SHISHOK in 2570 centers. Because of its innovative approach and massive success more than 250 of PKSF‘s partner organization and ASA implemented similar program following our learning centers’ structure. SHISHOK has been recognized as role model for non-formal education program.

Back in 2005, we started this program with only 10 Learning Centers (LC) in the remote villages under Brammanbaria district. From the very beginning, we have observed a huge response from the students and their guardians. The number of learning centers has gone up exponentially since its inception. Our main aim is to support the regular syllabus followed by the schools and prepare students for their classes for the next day. This program has massively helped students to grow interest towards school and has tremendously helped them to improve their results.

Under SHISHOK house-wives, mothers or female college students who have some years of schooling sets up an education center. We offer them Tk. 800 per month to gather 20-25 poor kids of grade I and II at any house of the village to start a learning center and teach them for 2 hours each day, just to help them prepare their lessons and homework for the next day. In addition to our honorarium she also collects Tk. 50-80 per child per month. But depending on the financial situation of participating student many gets the tuition for free. 


This increases the participation of the student. The arrangement has worked like a magic. The children have not only attended the extended classes for 2 hours in the afternoon, but also, they have increased class attendance at schools at their own interest.

These education volunteers/teachers have earned a lot of respect in the village and the society as a whole.This innovative non-formal education program truly changed lives of thousands of underprivileged children. SHISHOK is not only an educational program but also a community engagement and awareness raising platform.