We are thrilled to announce a new partnership between the Centre for Development Innovation and Practices (CDIP) and "Druto Fintech Ltd." to provide enhanced loan benefits to urban. This collaboration marks a significant step forward in our mission to serve our community more effectively. In an electrifying collaboration, Drutoloan is set to revolutionize urban microfinance alongside CDIP! With their expert focus on member admissions, lightning-fast disbursements, and seamless borrower collections in urban locales, get ready to witness an unprecedented expansion of our influence and impact!

“Progress Pulse” loan was inaugurated at the Hemayetpur and Atibazar branch of Centre for Development Innovation and Practices (CDIP) on 3rd March, 2024. Senior officials of CDIP & Druto Fintech Ltd. were at present on this inauguration ceremony. Mifta Naim Huda, Executive Director of CDIP handed over the 1st loan disbursement cheque to the CEO of Druto Fintech Ltd.